Wirex Review


The Wirex is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange. Wirex endeavors to make the purchasing and trading of advanced and conventional monetary standards less complex and progressively secure. We accomplish this by coordinating with 10 distinct exchanges and 3 OTC organizations to get the best cash pair evaluating for every client. Our rates consider the different liquidity levels on these exchanges, varying trade charges and points of confinement, accessible cash sets, and instability levels so as to coordinate the exchanges for every client. It implies that we can for the best Bid and Ask rates that we can source at the hour of exchange. We don’t charge any extra expenses on top for handling the exchange, in contrast to other driving organizations. Wirex is the most complex platform in the digital industry.

How to register on Wirex

Registering with Wirex is easy and requires only a few steps. Once you have arrived on the registration page, you will need to enter your first name, last name, a reference email and a strong password to register.

After registration you will be asked to set a mnemonic word, which will be used to reset your password if you lose the password, also included a suggestion that helps in remembering the password. After providing all the data you can continue.

Verify Your Identity

Now you will be redirected to the main page of the platform. By clicking on “Verify your profile” you can start the account verification process.  provide your Name , Phone number, and address.

A QR code will appear after confirmation of the data. By scanning the code with your phone, you can download the Wirex app and verify your account. After completion of the process, you can order your prepaid card by clicking on “order card”.

After verification of the account, you can do multiple things with your account.

  • Convert cryptocurrency with fiat currency.
  • Buy and sell Bitcoins and other supported coins.

Pro And Cons Of Wirex


  • A user account is verified in 5 minutes.
  • Trading support for bitcoin, ether, litecoin, ripple, waves, wollo, and dai.
  • Wirex VISA card, enables users to convert 12 cryptocurrencies and fiat currency.
  • Supports multiple platform web browsers, iOS, and Android.


  • Monthly maintenance fee.
  • Trading BTC is costlier than another platform.
  • Wirex cards are not popular.
  • wire card is complex to use.

Wirex platform is complex to understand. Some people think it’s cryptocurrency exchange, some consider it as the crypto to fiat currency exchange platform.