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Top 5 Payment App Of 2020

The concept of money has been changed entirely in the current decade after the introduction of the smartphone in our lives and if you have to pay someone an amount you can pay it from your mobile wallet. In fact, the payment apps have almost replaced the need for cash from our daily lives. From getting a paycheck to pay for coffee everything now paid from a mobile wallet. Here we are describing the top five payment apps in the upcoming year.


paypal review

1- PayPal: PayPal is the father of payment apps, with its establishment in 1998 it has earned approx 300 Million registered users till now. PayPal provides payment services in the US and almost every country in the world as well. With annual revenue of $13.094 Billion, PayPal remained at the top position since its establishment. more info:-


venmo reviews

2- Venmo: Venmo is another venture of PayPal. Venmo has designed for the mobile payment on the move to pay friends and split the restaurant’s checks. In 2019 Venmo recorded 40 Million active users with $300 Million annual revenue. about more:-

Cash App

cash app review

3- Cash App:  Cash App is the latest buzz in the industry. The cash app introduced the easiest way to transfer money just by using a mobile app. Unlike PayPal and other payment apps, the cash app much easier and quicker to send money to friends. Due to its unique feature cash app gained remarkable popularity in the USA. With Approx, 10 Million users in the USA cash app reported $959 Million revenue in Q1 of 2019 which is 44% more than last year’s Q1 revenue. for info about cash app:- Click Here


zelle reviews

4- Zelle: Zelle enables its users to transfer money to anyone those have an account in participating banks. Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and U.S. bank is the leading participating banking partners with Zelle. With its establishment in 2017, Zelle has registered with 8.4 Million users until early 2019. More visit:-

Google Pay

google pay review

5- Google Pay: Google introduced an app with integration with other Google products. Google pay is user-friendly just like any other product of Google. With this app, you can send money to anyone by e-mail. There is no charge introduces for using the services of  Google pay.

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