Top 5 Cryptocurrency in 2019

1-Bitcoin:- As per trends of the past years, Bitcoin is leading the chart. Bitcoin is the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that supports a decentralized blockchain network. Today, Bitcoin’s fundamental use originates from its store of significant worth properties. Bitcoin’s convention profits by an enormous network of designers and fans, the biggest capitalization of all digital currencies, most grounded use over the world, and the greatest nearness in the media.
2-Ethereum:- Ethereum is also one of the most popular cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum depends on the open-source decentralized blockchain network. Ethereum does not peer to peer crypto, it allows us to create a smart contract. This smart contract is an autonomous program that stores in the blockchain and available to anyone at any time.
3-Litecoin:- Litecoin is steady and dependable since its creation. It has a somewhat enormous network and is by and large effectively pursued. The groups taking a shot at Litecoin will in general execute rapidly every specialized development of Bitcoin, as Segwit and Lightning Network for instance.

4-Maker:- MakerDAO is a two token framework, utilizing DAI and MKR. MKR is an administration token, whose worth vacillates through offer and request and which enables its holders to decide on changes in accordance with the Maker’s framework. So as to boost them to take the correct choices, they are compensated through intrigue paid by loan bosses when they take care of their DAIs to recuperate their insurance. This premium, additionally called “Strength Fee”, is utilized by the keen agreement to repurchase MKR available and consume it, thoroughly pulling back them from the circling supply.

5- Decentraland:- Decentraland is the task that has pulled in most enthusiasm for the trusted token field. Our sentiment is that MANA has poor inborn worth since it’s an installment token. On the off chance that the token can without much of a stretch be supplanted by bitcoins, ethers, or DAI, at that point it’s incentive is low.

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