Rippex Wallet Reviews


Ripple is one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This digital currency showed a massive upsurge in popularity in recent years. Despite its outstanding growth, there are very few banks that recognize the Ripple in comparison to Bitcoin. When the Rippex wallet announced its closure, it created a panic situation between Rippex account holders.

Rippex wallet was a safe place and can be downloaded easily for windows, iOS, and Linux. Rippex supported multiple currencies, which enabled users to make the transaction easy. Other benefits of Rippex were the following.

  • Rippex had an easy and convenient platform for installation.
  • Easy to navigate interface and easy payment process.
  • Rippex had a wide range of fiat currencies including USD and CND.
  • Safe and secure due to its offline transaction feature and secure your password with encryption.
  • Good customer ratings.

Rippex Closure Announcement:

On 2nd April 2018 Rippex wallet issued their final statement of closure. In the statement, they announced the end of their services as the wallet but assured to provide post-closure support for existing users.  Rippex promised to provide support on their website.

How To Recover Coins From Rippex:

You can recover your coins using a Ripple desktop wallet can be used to recover Ripple issued by other gateways. Here we have given instruction to restore your Ripple with toast wallet.

  • Go to the Toast website and download the wallet.
  • You will get three options after getting license agreement which are

                1- Create a new wallet.

                2- Restore an existing wallet.

                3- Submit an offline transaction.

  • Choose 2nd option “Restore an existing wallet”.
  • Enter the backup code you received while creating Ripex wallet. Backup code is text doc, copy it and paste into the open window.
  • Now backup has been successfully restored. Now you can access your Ripple account.