Myetherwallet Review

What is Cryptocurrency wallet:

When you buy a Bitcoin, you need a place to store it, this place is known as cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a platform where you can store your digital currency. A crypto wallet is a bunch of software program which communicates and synchronized with various blockchains. A crypto wallet also stores private and personal authentication details.

My ether wallet is a free, open-source, Javascript-based wallet. MEW supports multiple assets which include Ethereum, Ethereum classic, USDT, basic attention token, USDT, USDC, and ERC-20. MEW users have complete control of their private keys and their funds.

Amazing Features Of MyEtherWallet

User-friendly interface: The user interface of MEW is user interactive and designed with easy to view clutter. The wallet is designed in such a manner so that users can navigate between options effortlessly.

Suggests Gas limit and Fee: During the transaction, MEW suggests reasonable gas limit and gas price. But it totally depends on your wish. If you want, you can customize the gas limit. This feature is very useful when you are going to make a trade-in ICO.

Add ERC20 & more: This is one of the prime USP of MEW. You can add multiple assets other than Ehthereum.       

Security: Security is the prime concern when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions. MEW generates a unique private key that is generated at the device of the user. Users must prefer offline transactions as the security key works for offline transactions.

Excellent Customer support: MEW customer support believes a regular increasing knowledge base. Customer support executives have proper knowledge about MEW functioning. MEW website updates regularly FAQ. So that users can easily find the solution to their problems.


Q-Does MyEtherWallet support bitcoin?

A-MEW does not support bitcoin. The assets supported by MEW are  Ethereum, Ethereum classic, USDT, basic attention token, USDT, USDC, and ERC-20.

Q-  Can we buy or sell Ethereum on MEW?

A- You have to go to any exchange to make a trade of cryptocurrency. on MEW you can only store your assets. Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken are some popular exchanges.

Q- What is Gas?

A– When anyone makes an Ethereum transaction, Buy or sell, it includes blockchain operation for which you have to pay. This payment is done in the form of ‘gas’. Gas is similar to the mining fee of the bitcoin blockchain.

Q- How to turn on 2FA on Myetherwallet?

A- Myetherwallet does not support the two-factor algorithm for security. MEW does not save the user key on its server. Users have a key on their device separately.

Myetherwallet Review