KuCoin Exchange Review

If you want to jump into cryptocurrency trading and want to start buying, selling and exchange crypto coins but confused to choose right exchange for your task, Kucoin can be most accurate choice for you. Kucoin was created in may 2017 by a group of business experts as the newest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Kucoin exchange never encountered with any major problems like system overload, since its formation. The exchange has robust and compatible system which supports Android, iOS and web also. There is some controversy also involved with Kucoin, in 2018 some claimed have been made that the exchange has more than 1 million users but this claim remained suspicious  because their trading volume doesn’t reflect such high volume that can reinforce this claim.

How to sign up for Kucoin exchange:

to sign up for exchange visit official website. After visiting official website follow these steps to sign up.

Step 1. Tab on “sign up” at top right corner of the page.

Step 2. A new page consisting of “Privacy & Policy. read it and to accept, tic on the box.

Step 3. Now you have to enter your email address and choose a strong password.

Step 4. Authenticate that you are a real user, not a bot by sliding the bar from left to right.

Step 5. Got to your email account and verify your account by clicking a link sent by Kucoin. Your account is ready for trading now.

Kucoin Safety:

As established earlier Kucoin is a third party exchange works on centralized server  this means your assets are always at greater risks. Centralized servers are much prone to be hacked. For reminder the crypto market encountered a massive hacking when $15 billion worth cryptocurrency got hacked in 2017.

Kucoin is safe because it is equipped with additional security feature like an encryption protocol to secure private account information and they also have internal risk department to secure your assets.  The asset is known as cryptocurrency assets.


  • Start trading with low capital.
  • Simple user interface for novice traders.
  • Vast range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Additional security features.


  • Not for traditional currency.
  • Liquidity issues with smaller coins.

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