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Jaxx digital wallet is developed in 2014 by Antonio Diiorio, who was also one of the co-founders of ethereum. With Jaxx digital wallet you can send receive or store multiple currencies. Jaxx is a multi-currency wallet that can store 67 different cryptocurrencies. Jaxx wallet supports almost every device and operating system which includes Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS. Jaxx is also available as a google chrome extension so that you can use the Jaxx wallet easily on your desktop anywhere.

Jaxx Wallet Benefits

  • Supports multiple currencies:- This is one of the best features of the Jaxx blockchain wallet. It supports all the popular coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc, also it includes less popular coins like Zcash and STOXX.
  • Interchange cryptocurrency internally:- This is a top feature of Jaxx wallet. Jaxx has built-in shapeshift API which allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency with others. THis means if you have Bitcoin in your wallet and want to exchange it with ethereum there is no need to send funds to another exchange. In Jaxx, you can exchange your coins within the exchange.
  • User-friendly Interface:- Jaxx wallet has easy to view user-friendly interface. Font of the text, colors everything is just perfect. As you can see from the below picture everything is neatly visible and shortcuts for the all-important task are given on the home screen.
  • Cross-platform pairing:- As we have discussed earlier Jaxx wallet can be downloaded at multiple devices and the cross-platform pairing feature enables us to synchronize all the devices of the user.
  • Charges:- No matter how efficient a product is, the pricing plays always as a deciding factor. Fortunately here price is not an issue since Jaxx wallet is absolutely free. You read it correctly, Jaxx doesn’t charge any money from its users. The question arises that how does Jaxx wallet work without earning a profit. Jaxx earns by shapeshift API.  Users have to pay only a standard blockchain network fee when they sent cryptocurrency to other-wallet.

Jaxx Wallet Safety-

Safety is major factor for any Crypto wallet. If a wallet contains all top feature but there is a security concern, you have to look for the better option. So we have to look for the Jaxx wallet review about security to assess how much Jaxx wallet is safe.

  • Personal control:- Jaxx doesn’t ask for any personal information while downloading or installing it on the device. Your private key is everything to access your account. Private key is installed on your device remotely, so it can’t be hacked by the network. It is recommended to the users to safe keep this private key because if you lose the key your account will can’t be accessed ever.
  • A hacking incident:- The Jaxx wallet encountered a major hack in late 2017 when more than $400,000 worth Ethereum coins were stolen from a user’s account. The Jaxx wallet hacked because the user was using it in jailbreak mobile.

By going through multiple factors we can say that the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is easy to use, safe and economical wallet. It has all features that required for a user to choose a wallet. There is a little drawback that it doesn’t have 2-factor authentication (2FA) but if you use the wallet on genuine device and OS there is nothing to worry about security.

List Of Jaxx Supported Currencies

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Jaxx Review