Cryptopia Exchange Reviews

Cryptopia is a New Zealand based Cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptopia is a pool exchange for multiple cryptocurrencies. Cryptopia  Exchange works on peer to peer transactions. The exchange also allows customers to buy and sell almost every cryptocurrency, which makes cryptopia exchange different from other exchanges. This exchange supports small cryptocurrencies also apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once and all Cryptopia is more feasible for New Zealand citizens but anyone can open an account on the exchange as long they have a New Zealand bank account.

How To Sign up For Cryptopia Exchange

You can sign easily for Cryptopia exchange just by following a simple step. First, you have to fill the details in the registration form given on the website. You will get the link on your email account to verify. By verifying it you can activate your account with a daily transaction limit of $5000.

You can increase your daily transaction limit by up to $500,000 by second step verification. In this process, you need a proof of address, a photo and written statement that you need to increase the limit for which reason. You must also have two-step verification for other verification levels.

Cryptopia Features:

Marketplace: It is a common platform where users can buy, sell or trade their crypto assets. It functions as a classified website. It is a unique feature of Cryptopia which makes it outstanding from other exchanges.

Arbitrage: This service feeds the information of the cryptocurrencies listed on the popular exchanges. You can take better decisions to get a better deal on the basis of this information.

Coin info: Coinfo feature enables you to be up to date about 500 coins. You can track information like the overall rating, algorithms, network, connection number, wallet status, listing status, and block height.

Paytopia: Paytopia service includes tools to give updates about new listings. You see new listing before others and take a head start to gain an advantage.

Lottery: If you are a fan of betting and want to try your luck, you can participate in Cryptopia’s own lottery. The lotto portion of the website is recently added to the website.

Mineshaft: Mineshaft is a platform provided by cryptopia for a different range of miners and designed to support multiple cryptocurrencies. Mineshaft is ideal for any miner whether they GPU, CPU or ASIC.

Cryptopia is open for anyone who can verify their account. There are some limitations also like you can trade only in single fiat currency i.e. new Zealand dollars and any transfer must be done using New Zealand bank account.