Square Cash App Review

Cash app is peer to peer money transfer app of the square. Cash app provides free money transfer for personal accounts and for a small charge for business account. Cash app supports android, iOS, and web also. It introduced a new feature direct deposit. This feature enables employers to transfer paycheck direct into the cash app account of the employees. Employees get a notification when the transfer amount hits their accounts.

Cash App Features:

  • Easy to send money just by typing $cashtag name, no need to follow a long process like other apps.
  • Cashcard provided by the cash app makes easy to spend money from the cash app account.
  • Cash card can be used as a debit card for money withdrawal from ATM.
  • Cash card is easy to get and activate.
  • Cash app is free for personal usage and charges a little fee for business accounts.
  • Recently introduced Cash boost features give cashback and other benefits to the users.
  • The direct deposit feature eases the payroll process for the employers.
  • Easy to sign up for new account and activation.
  • User-friendly app and easy to navigate.
  • Instant deposit and business payment available at low rates at 1.5% and 2.75%respectively.

How To Get Customer Support To Face Any Type Of Cash App Problems

If you need support for cash app issue you can get support by following below given, however cash app doesn’t provide any human support, it only provide an automated voice response to your query.

  1. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner of home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap Cash Support
  3. Tap Something Else
  4. find and select  your issue
  5. Tap Contact Support

To get IVR support, please call 855-351-2274. Cash app doesn’t provide any support number by which you can talk to a human.

Square Cash Review – Video