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Blockchain technology is a terrific idea introduced by a mysterious person Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain technology uses peer to peer currency transfer which is visible over a system. By this method, every transaction under the blockchain system is truly visible to everyone. In the blockchain technology, there is no central authority to approve the transaction, since every transaction is completely transparent so there is no chance of discrepancy or false transaction. due to its see-through feature blockchain technology can be implemented in many public and government domains to increase the transparency of public money.

What is Blockchain technology:

Blockchain has designed to track cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Since a cryptocurrency has no physical existence, therefore, it needed some advanced technology to track the transaction and the currency. As blockchain is related to cryptocurrency so it is natural to assume that it is very complex to understand this technology. But it is quite surprising that Blockchain works on a simple principle. The principle of blockchain can be understood by breaking down the word “blockchain”.  We can consider block as a box of information and chain as a time stamp. The combination of “block” and “chain” makes every transaction unique and easy to trace. Here you can follow an analogy to understand the principle of Blockchain.

Blockchain technology

  • When a person buys a cryptocurrency he is assigned with a transaction code, which contains all the details of the purchase and details of the buyer known as a digital signature. This transaction code can be considered as the “Block”.
  •   Each block is assigned with a time stamp by “Hash”. Hash is a unique code that is assigned to each and every block and provide them a unique identity and keeps the block into the chain as per their timeline.

Support For Blockchain

Blockchain wallet is a top choice of the cryptocurrency traders and investors. Using a blockchain wallet is simple but sometimes customer gets stuck with any unwanted situations. To overcome such an unpleasant issue Blockchain wallet support number is there to provide support to customers.

FAQ with Blockchain wallet Customers

  • How can I buy bitcoin using blockchain wallet support?
  • Blockchain wallet is safe to link with my bank account or not?
  • How to transfer money from blockchain to bank account?
  • How to add money in the blockchain wallet from PayPal?
  • How to create an account on the blockchain wallet?
  • How much I will be charged for using a blockchain wallet?
  • How to contact blockchain wallet support phone number

Top features of Blockchain wallet-

  • Easy to navigate- Blockchain wallet is has a user-friendly design and easy to navigate.
  • Free of cost- Blockchain wallet is free and it doesn’t charge any money from the users.      
  • User-friendly customer support- Blockchain wallet support number is prompt and able to solve the issues.
  • User data privacy- Blockchain wallet uses advanced technology to keep users’ data safe from any untrusted source.
  • Huge community across the world- It is no secret that Blockchain wallet users are at every part of the globe. Multiple discussions are carried on at any instant of time on various social media platforms. Users can participate in the discussion or can simply ask questions related to their issues. By following this method you can get assistance without calling blockchain customer support number.

Cons with Blockchain wallet-

  • Long verification time:- The customer verification process is comparatively slow. It takes 5-7 business days to complete the verification process.
  • Cookies policy:- Blockchain wallet cookies policy is not all browser friendly. Sometime you may face difficulty with your browser due to its cookies policy.
  • Scammers alert:- Users must aware of any fraud calls from scammers if you don’t want to wipe out your account. Never share any transactional details with anyone. Also, beware of fake blockchain wallet support websites.
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