Bitmex Reviews


Bitmex is a short form of Bitcoin mercantile exchange. Bitmex is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2014. BITMEX is mainly known for providing maximum leverage trade between all crypto exchanges, which is as high as 100 times. The 100 times leverage trade can be profitable but it is very risky also. So it can go both ways.

BITMEX is one of the most popular exchanges with high trading volume up to $1 Billion and over 10 Million users accessing per month. One can say BITMEX is one of the platforms which has most liquidity. Anyone can make a trade on BITMEX and there is no limit, except the subscriber must is of minimum 18 years age.

How To Make A Trade On BITMEX:

Step 1- Register with website: 

  • Click on “register” on the top right corner.
  • Fill the form with respective details.
  • Accept “term and conditions”
  • Verify your email by opening your email ID.
  • Before indulging into trading, first, evaluate the security of your account.
  • Choose 2-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.
  • Insecurity section clicks on the drop-down tab and chooses Google authenticator.

How To Deposit Fund:

After setting up security configuration click on the deposit option on the left side of the on your window.  BitMEX doesn’t charge for withdrawals or deposits, rather, it charges a system expense dependent on the size of the trade, however, observe that the trade just acknowledges deposits in bitcoin (BTC) and fills in as guarantee paying little heed to whether the exchange incorporates BTC.

Cautioning: Do not send Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Tether to this location. Any unsupported coins sent here will disappear.

On the ‘Deposit’ page you will see a code at the base (checked dark), utilize that as your default BTC deposit address where you will send assets from another wallet to this one.

How To Make Trade

The “Trade” tab in the upper left corner carries you to the exchange page from which you can direct your exchanges. Straightforwardly underneath that tab, there is a rundown of coins extending from left to right speaking to the accessible coins for trade on the exchange.

The request book shows three sections – the offer an incentive for the hidden resource, the amount of the request, and the all-out USD estimation all things considered, both short and long.

While on the extreme left you have a decision to either long, a specific resource or short it, for the time being, you should fret about the spot cost of benefits as opposed to fiddling with any utilized exchanges or prospects markets.

Straightforwardly under the BitMEX logo on the exchanging page, you will see a tab named “advertise” click on that so as to play out an exchange on the spot showcase. In our model, we had bitcoin chosen and set our purchase request at $1 USD for a spot position and executed the exchange, at the hour of composing we got back 0.0002 BTC.

Congrats! You’ve currently effectively obtained your first bitcoin on the BitMEX exchange, to sell essentially enter a similar measure of BTC you got when you originally got it.

There is likewise a choice to change the window sheets to show data that is significant to you.

By expelling certain windows you can streamline your data stream to build the quality and importance of the information you are getting.