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Binance is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange functions the same as a share market exchange, it is commonplace for buyers and sellers which gives assurance to currency holders that they can sell their holding at any instant and settle the transaction in real-time in the form of fiat currency like dollars and pounds. Since we have seen from previous market trends that Bitcoin has shown rapid fluctuation in its price in a short duration, therefore traders need a reliable platform to buy /sell the currency in real-time. Binance exchange provide excellent support to its registered members through Binance Customer Service for trading and other queries. Binance exchange enables you to buy another cryptocurrency by using cryptocurrency you have. In other words, if you want to buy Litecoin in exchange for bitcoin, you can do the same at Binance exchange.

Binance exchange is the best global exchange for cryptocurrency. Binance exchange enables its members to access various services related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Binance provides excellent support to its buyers, contact Binance customer care to resolve queries related to cryptocurrency trading.

Classification Of Exchanges-

You can divide cryptocurrency exchange into three categories.

1- Centralized crypto Exchange:- This type of crypto exchange also known as a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. This type of crypto exchange is suitable for a company of central organization that deals in fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto tender.

2- Decentralize exchange:- Decentralize exchange is different from the centralized exchange. Unlike centralize crypto exchange, decentralized exchanges work on peer to peer trades. This trading process doesn’t need any centralized authority and controlled by an automated process. This transaction-based on blockchain technology.

3-Hybrid Exchange:- Anyone can guess from the name that this exchange possesses qualities of Centralized as well as decentralized exchanges.

Why Choose Binance Exchange Support

The choice of exchange depends on various factors like your nature of trading, purpose and specific needs. There are various features that make Binance exchange favorite over others.

  • Low Trading fee:- Transactional charges are one of the most deciding factors for the selection of the crypto exchange. Binance exchange charges lowest rate in the industry. You can learn about the transaction charges on the official website or on Binance Phone Number.
  • Payment options:- It is necessary for a crypto exchange to support multiple payment options. In Binance exchange users can add funds by using a debit card, credit card different wire transfers like PayPal and Venmo. You can get details about pricing on the various transactions on the official website or you can call Binance Toll Free Number for details.
  • User Reviews:- You can predict the performance of the exchange by surveying users’ reviews about exchanges. There are multiple websites and social media platforms that show reviews about different exchanges. Binance exchange has an excellent reviews on different platforms. Binance exchange has a 4.6 ratings out of 5 on the app store.
  • Easy Verification Process:- Binance provide an easy verification process for its users. All you have to do fill your details and upload pictures of your ID on the Binance app. once you upload your details, the process of verification of your account gets started. It takes 5-7 days to verify your account. If the verification process doesn’t complete in 5-7 days contact Binance Customer Service
  • Low withdrawal fees:- Binance withdrawal charges are very reasonable. Binance charges 0.0000023 BTC for the withdrawal of Bitcoin.

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